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  Who do you want to be the biggest beneficiary of your Retirement Account, Uncle Sam or your Family?

Pay Lower Taxes in Retirement

Uncle Sam will have to raise Taxes

  Many of us bought into the idea that when we retired our “tax bracket” would go down. Unfortunately I don’t believe this anymore and neither should you! As you are reading this (7/2017), the politicians in Washington are running the Federal Deficit ever higher, currently approaching $20 TRILLION dollars. Even though there may be some short term reduction of tax rates, the only way to pay for the deficit in the future is to RAISE taxes.  So what does this mean for your retirement and what if anything can you do about it?   

Tax Free Income During Retirement

What if instead of losing  40% or more of your 401K or IRA distributions at retirement to taxes, there was a way to get retirement income Tax Free? Where you had safety of principal, liquidity and the opportunity for double digit returns?

There is a Solution

There are a select group of options that can provide many benefits, including tax free income during retirement, all IRS approved.

If you live in Central Virginia we can help you reduce market volatility and do some tax diversification with a portion of your hard earned assets targeted for retirement.

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